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Banded Krait - Bungarus fasciatus

Bungarus fasciatus – Banded Krait

Even though the Banded Krait (sometimes referred to as the Yellow-banded Krait) – Bungarus fasciatus is perhaps the most common of all the Thai kraits, we personally believe it is also one of the...

Many-banded Krait - Bungarus cf. multicinctus

Bungarus multicinctus – Many-banded Krait

Spoiler alert: According to a recent study (Molecular phylogeny found the distribution of Bungarus candidus in China (Squamata: Elapidae); (Xie et al. 2018)), it seems that the Malayan Krait (Bungarus candidus) can have a...

Trimeresurus guoi - Guo's Pit Viper

Trimeresurus guoi – Guo’s Pit Viper

When we first found these red-eyed pit vipers on a trip in 2016, they were still an undescribed species from the Trimeresurus albolabris-complex. The clearest difference between the other Trimeresurus albolabris species found in...